Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greeley Estates: No Rain, No Rainbow

Death metal, thrashmetal, grindcore, speed metal, it's all been around for 20 years or so and the newer bands can be more sophisticated (if that's the right word?) than their forebears.

Greeley Estates and I believe the latest album (from this year), No Rain, No Rainbow (Tragic Hero 90059) give you the exorcist vocals, true, and the low-tuned guitars playing doomsday motifs, the drums wildly double-bassing, and they do that completely in the idiom. But there are other elements creeping in, other musical elements and some pretty complicated instrumental elements.

This is no easy music to play. Whether you like it depends I suppose on a predisposition to appreciate the onslaught of energy and noise-ish sound the music consistently provides. This is definitely one of the better bands doing this kind of thing right now. They are musical about it all. That's what counts.

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