Thursday, July 8, 2010

Giulio Tampalini Presents Postmod Contemporary Classical Works

Giulio Tampalini plays the classical guitar with great spirit. He phrases like he wrote the music. There's a sure, very flowing lyrical singing to his phrases. We took a look at his first two volumes of the complete Tarrega solo guitar music April 16th at our sister site Today we have a new one, Strong Emotions on Classical Guitar (Concerto 2055).

As you have perhaps gathered this is contemporary music for solo classical guitar. Tampalini has selected a rather memorable program of short pieces written by composers mostly working in the new tonal idiom. There are some beautiful pieces. Ralph Towner gets the nod on a couple. There are many names new to me. Others, not. What is important is the uniformly high level of melodic lyricism represented in these miniatures and the breathtaking artistry with which they are performed.

It's music that delights. It's music that anybody with a set of ears will love. It's an object lesson on how to make the classical guitar sing like an angel.

This is music you could live with for many years and still feel refreshed when listening for the 500th time, I imagine. It's the sort of guitar music that some prog rockers have tried to create and sometimes failed in the attempt. This is the real thing. Tampalini is wondrous!

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