Friday, July 16, 2010

Max Wild's Tamba: Afrobeat Meets Fusion and They Get Along Swimmingly

Alto saxist Max Wild grew up in Zimbabwe. He absorbed the sounds of the musical world teeming around him. Now he gives some of that back on Tamba (Obliqsound 108). He is joined by a host of African musicians and singers for this attractive outing, most notably the late Sam Mtukudzi on guitars and vocals.

The large segment of music that combines Afrobeat, traditional elements and fusion is the most intriguing. The ensembles, beats and vocals shine and Max Wild plays a very decent, soulful alto. The more strictly fusion cuts are all attractive but not quite as distinctive.

It's one of those amalgams that are not only intriguing on paper. The music comes across as committed and very very lively. It's hip and really moves! Check this one.