Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bassist Reuben Radding Explores Free Dimensions in Download Series

Reposting from, March 2009. We’ve been through enough lately to know that you must keep your eyes open and your powder dry. But it's a new season, so savor the moment, for those of you who have some sun. If not, revel in our existence if at all possible. It’s all a big mystery whatever you might believe. And it is a privilege to exist, when you think of it.

What’s on the docket today? Bassist Reuben Radding, an East Coast fellow. He did the unthinkable in 2007. Once a month he posted an entire CD’s worth of unreleased music free for download. (You can still get these at Mr. Radding is an imaginative, skillful bass principal in the improv mode. And his downloads show him off effectively in a variety of settings: solo, duo, small groups of various configurations. One of my favorites is his November offering, a duet performance with alto saxist Travis Sullivan. It’s a wide ranging gallop into various mood-zones, always musical and filled with great two-way dialogs. I don’t know anything about Travis, but based on this recording he surely deserves more attention. And Reuben is right there with him. It’s a quite fetching slice of spontaneous music making.

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