Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boris Savoldelli's Biocosmopolitan Hits the Streets

There are vocalists who prefer to create their own musical worlds rather than get stuck in the crosstown traffic snarls of mainstream rush hour. If they are good they bring us something new. If they are really good they can bring us joy.

Boris Savoldelli follows his own muse. And he is really good at it. The new album, his third I believe, is his best yet. Biocosmopolitan (MoonJune 037) is what happens when the vocal brilliance of a Bobby McFerrin, Brian Wilson, Peter Gabriel, or Imogen Heap are transformed to Boris Salvoldelli's very original vision of what can be. And he makes it so. You get 16 very compelling tracks plus a bonus video.

This is vocal ensemble music for the most part, made by multiple tracking. Paolo Fresu joins on trumpet or fluegelhorn on two tracks; bassist Jimmy Haslip joins in on one cut; Boris adds his piano here and there; otherwise it's all vocals. His is a voice of great range and an unmistakable sound. Even more so his vocal arrangements are breathtaking--sometimes as a full band of vocalized instruments, sometimes as a Boris choir that jumps out of your speakers and captures your ears; sometimes both. His part-singing conception works beautifully. And he writes some very nice songs too.

It's progressive jazz, it's prog rock, it's whatever you want to call it, doesn't matter. It's beautiful. Check out his vocal version of the Hendrix group in all its parts on "Crosstown Traffic" for starters. Then explore the many captivating originals. The artistry is way up there on the Grego-meter. No hype. This is how I feel. There is the joy of singing, the exuberance, the craziness, and the sheer artistry of Boris here in abundance. It will grab you, if you are like me. Highly recommended.

You need to hear this. Seriously.

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