Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keve Wilson's Pure Oboe in Album "Pure Imagination"

I do not ordinarily cover releases such as this one. But the playing is so nicely warm and lyrical that I have jumped into the music regardless. Pure Imagination (Composers Concordance 002) centers around the beautiful oboe playing of Keve Wilson. It's her album and she shines throughout. There are moments where her tone combined with acoustic guitar suggests Oregon. Other times the music is in a kind of mellow "easy listening" mode, with standards and rock-pop songs done in unique ways. Still other times Keve takes up some modern classical chamber musical miniature gems. And the version of "The Water is Wide" for oboe and acoustic guitar is another aspect, very beautifully done!

The arrangements are quite interesting, with things like whistling doubling the oboe part against piano accompaniment and cello support. It's too evolved and elaborated to fit in with new age music. Call it Keve Wilson music. She is a ravishingly expressive player. Keve music. That's what it is. Well done!

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