Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Atsuko Hashimoto's Organ Trio: "Until the Sun Comes Up"

Atsuko Hashimoto has five albums out already. Now for the sixth. Take world class swinging drummer Jeff Hamilton, add the new talent of guitarist Graham Dechter, then put that together with the old time-new time funk (in the old sense)-swing of Atsuko, gather up some standards that would lend themselves to the organ trio setting, and let it all loose. Until the Sun Comes Up (Capri 74107-2) documents the results, and they are good.

Ms. Hashimoto has the bluesy swing of Jimmie Smith, the block largeness and sometimes organ sound of Milt Buckner, and some of the bop-line chops of a Charles Earland. Graham Dechter has the light, rhythmic, hip comping style that goes well in the organ trio. His solo lines are the right stuff--Benson and Martino are in there somewhere but he has his game down so you tap your foot and dig the groove. Jeff Hamilton makes that groove sizzle with joy, of course.

Atsuko does most of the arrangements, with a few by Graham, and they are the attractive large-swing-sound with small-numbers-of-players sorts of things that organ trios can do so well.

At this point in her career Ms. Hashimoto may not be a major stylist, but she puts the style forward with dash and panache. It's solid toe-wiggling sounds throughout and some tasty licks to boot. Dig in. Dig it.

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