Thursday, September 8, 2011

GNO Scores A Ringing Metal Success with "Cannibal Tango"

The French power trio GNO are all about metal that has push but also musically progressive melodic band pyrotechnics, something like Green Day meets Frank Zappa, or perhaps Dwezil. Their second album Cannibal Tango (Sensory) has a brutal lyricism about it with three-part vocal harmonies, the blazing guitar of Christophe Godin, and the complementary kick of Peter Puke (great name!) on drums and Gaby Vegh at the bass.

Listen to the title cut and you'll get it right away. Those who live in this realm of music will appreciate Cannibal Tango, but I think it will also appeal to those not ordinarily indulgent about the genre, people looking for metal that has the musical sensibility and ambition of the best of its fusion counterparts out there.

The songs are very solid with plenty of musical elements to grab your ears. And Christophe Godin will make air guitarists out of even the most inhibited listeners.

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