Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anthony Pateras Presents His New Music

Originally posted on November 4, 2008

Who is Anthony Pateras? He’s from Australia, is pretty young, and he composes contemporary music for ensembles and electro-acoustic music, which combines natural musical and extra-musical sounds and alters them electronically and/or simply juxtaposes them in different ways. He has a new CD, Chromatophore (Tzadik), and it gives the listener a good idea of what the new Post-Classical concert music can be about. It probably would not appeal to someone looking for the familiar and safe. It’s avant and so one must be prepared to open one’s ears. What it IS should be listened to by anybody wanting to know what’s going on at the edge.

There is a percussion quartet that emphasizes sound as direct sensuality and also other works that present interesting combinations of instruments, voices, and electronic and natural sounds. This is music. It is good music, appealing even, if one opens one’s mind. On Election Day, one’s thoughts and hopes open up to the future. The future will begin to arrive by the end of the day but this music brings the future to you at this very moment. Like it or not, that future will not go away. We must act and embrace it, and by doing so help shape it. Listen and vote.

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