Monday, March 1, 2010

The Debut Recording by blld

Today, blld's debut recording. Called Materia Prima (IAPETUS), it is a fertile collaboration between drummer, range bassist and vocalist 05Ric and touch guitarist/producer Markus Reuter.

Beyond those basic facts blld comes up with an EP that combines soundscapes, drumscapes and total-world musical spaces that are dramatic, alternatively blazing and contemplative, and always very interesting. They are in the lineage of musicians that build on the legacy of King Crimson and related groups.

There is some incredible drumming, musically enriching vocal passages and spatially expansive cosmic guitar work. It all molds together as a total gestalt that moves the mind and heart decidedly into the new decade.

A short but very fascinating musical program! If you like progressive/post-progressive channels of musical creativity, you’ll find this a very good listen. I look forward to their second.

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