Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Mainstream Jazz From Bassist Ruslan Khain

Originally posted on October 23, 2008

Another day in the world and this morning I am listening to a new Jazz CD by bassist Ruslan Khain called For Medicinal Purposes Only (Smalls). Now if you've never heard of this guy, not to worry. He is not a huge name in the jazz world. Judging from this music, though, he can play, group together a very good batch of players and write some very appropriate numbers in the hard bop style.

The tenor saxophone man is Chris Byers, and along with trumpeter Yoshi Okazaki and pianist Richard Clemens, there are some very good soloists. Drummer Phil Stewart keeps the flames high with a good grooving approach to jazz time. It’s another one of those solid releases from Smalls Records. Anyone who wants to know what mainstream jazz today is all about would get the idea with Ruslan Khain’s album. Good stuff, well played.

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