Friday, February 12, 2010

Motorhead's "Inferno" Blazes Forth

Originally posted on September 16, 2008

Motorhead to me is one of the best extreme metal bands. Lemmy Kilmister plays a very full electric bass and his vocals have the perfect hoarse shout and punch for the music. The trio brings power to new heights. That blues quality and the very amplified, ordered chaos pack a terrific jolt. They still thrive. I’ve got their not quite newest CD in my listening cycle—Inferno (Sanctuary). It is more of the same but that’s good if you like it. They show no sign of slowing down, so you’ll have to speed up a little to catch them. Seriously, though, this is music my mother would have hated. A cut from this CD would have brought her to the stairs, to yell “turn that music down!” and embarrass me in front of my friends. I suppose that has something to recommend it to you? But of course I jest about my Mom. I never wanted to put her through unpleasant changes, regardless of my teen thrashings and grapplings to get a grip on the modern world back in the eons of the last century.

[Eds note: this posting was written on the morning of the "crash."] Glad I’m not a stockbroker this morning. Here’s to what is totally uncool and I hope isn’t coming back. Unmediated greed, ride'em cowboy investing styles. As Muddy Waters sang, “you can’t lose what you ain’t never had.” That applies to many of us. The old Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times" seems apt.

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